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NOTE: Wired is currently on a temporary hiatus until early 2015 due to real life taking over my schedule. Thank you for your patience! In the sprawling metropolis of Aethercove, humans and androids live side-by-side, but never as equals. Rikani Sheridan is an android living undercover as a human. He has no memories beyond the last three years, having woken up discarded in an empty street - but when the authorities catch onto him, he discovers his true purpose, and it could destroy everything he knows.

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Page 61
Page 61

December 16th, 2014, 6:36 pm

Temporary hiatus

Hello! I'm not sure if I posted this here already but I've had questions about it so I thought I'd add a news post. Wired is currently on a temporary hiatus while I'm busy with real life and finishing off the novel version. It should be back within a few months. Sorry, and thank you for your patience! :)

July 8th, 2014, 5:02 pm

An update on Wired

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't posted anything here for a little while, journal-wise. I just wanted to let you know how the progress was going of this little project of mine (little project, ha, it's taken over my life XD).

I already posted this briefly a little while back but I thought I'd mention it again in case anyone missed it. Basically, I'm redrawing all of chapter one because I wasn't satisfied with it. It's all personal preference - some people may see no difference between how my art looked in early 2013, and how it does now, but I do. Also, it's not just about the art, it's about the techniques and so on. I've found ways to work better and more efficiently. The plot will NOT change. Just the art. Print copies of the first edition Volume 1 will still be available to purchase at a price of $7 on my online stores (here and here) until they sell out. I haven't decided how I will be printing the new version - I'll update more on that when I get to it. :)

Of course, as I redraw the old pages, I'll be creating new ones! I'm making a lot of work for myself but I'm excited about it. <3 I'm aiming to put the new chapter one online in a mass upload sometime in late 2014/early 2015, but that's just a rough target for now.

As for the novel, I'm currently working hard on the second draft. Once that's done, I'll be requesting beta readers and then hopefully finalising it. Just in case you haven't noticed me bleating on about it, the Wired novel has found a publisher and will be released in ebook and paperback as soon as it's complete.

So to recap, the comic will be looking a little inconsistent for a while, art- and font-wise, but please continue to bear with me while I improve it! Thank you as always for the continued support <3

June 5th, 2014, 3:51 pm


Hi everyone, I thought it was about time I posted something here. I see Wired has gained a few new followers, so thank you for that <3 It really means a lot to me.

I apologise for the inconsistency in uploading the pages of this comic - it was originally intended to be updated weekly but as you can see that did not happen. :'D Work and general life got in the way. So for now, I'm just uploading the pages as I complete them. I hope to be able to get the comic back into some sort of routine sometime, but for now, I hope you'll forgive me for the inconsistencies.

Thank you again c:

December 27th, 2013, 11:31 am

Next page postponed

Page 44 of Wired will be added next Thursday, sorry for the delay! Between Christmas, work and catching a cold, I haven't even started it. Normal service will resume next week! :'D

October 24th, 2013, 6:23 am

London MCM Comic Con

Hello guys! :D I'll be at the London MCM Comic Con from Friday the 25th to Sunday the 27th at table CL9 in Comic Village, selling print copies of Wired as well as prints and other items. Come and say hi if you can! c:

October 14th, 2013, 10:13 am

Wired volume 1 PREORDER

The preorder is now open for the first printed volume of Wired! All preorders come with a free print. Please check it out here if you're interested.

Thanks! :D

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